The English in English Bibles

Title of a book by J. F. Sheahan, in which the words of the first 14 chapters of the Gospel of Saint Matthew are given in three different versions: the Catholic "Rhemes" of 1582 (commonly called the Douay); the Protestant "Authorized," of 1611; and the Protestant "Revised," of 1881. The three versions are interlined with each other, which shows the variations at a glance. Attention is also called to the many plain English words that were put in the Bible by Rhemes, but which the Authorized never used (e.g., sunset, daylight). This is a good answer to Protestant critics of Rhemes, who comment on the large number of unusual words of Latin derivation therein. The Catholic translators of Rhemes were by no means ignorant of good English; and they expressly state in their preface their reason for these Latinisms, which was, to reflect the intent and meaning of the Vulgate. The majority of these Latinisms were anglicized by Bishop Challoner in the 18th century, making the Bible which English-speaking Catholics now use.

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