Congregation of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs

Founded by Pius VII 1805. It was reestablished by him after his exile, 18 June 1814, as the Extraordinary Congregation for the Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Catholic World. In 1827 it reassumed its former name which it retains. Pius XI, 5 July 1925, made the cardinal secretary of state prefect eiC officio of this congregation. Until then it had no prefect, although the presiding officer was the secretary of state. This congregation establishes and divides dioceses and appoints to vacant sees in countries where these matters have to be taken up with the civil government either because of a concordat or for political reasons. It deals also with all matters presented to it by the pope through the secretary of state, especially matters which refer to the civil laws and to concordats made with the various nations. Its members and officials are bound to observe by special oath the so-called secret of the Holy Office.

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