Hubert van Eyck

['The Three Marys at the Tomb', by Hubert van Eyck] Painter, born Maaseyck, Belgium, c.1365; died Ghent, Belgium, 1426. He was the elder of two brothers who settled in Flanders and were the founders of the Flemish school of painting (see also Jan van Eyck. They are sometimes wrongly credited with the invention of oil-paint; in reality they perfected its use. Hubert's authenticated works are few; his masterpiece, finished by his brother, is the altar-piece of the cathedral of Saint Bavon in Ghent. This polyptych "The Adoration of the Lamb," consisting of central panels with double shutters painted on both sides, has been called a pictorial epic of religion. Its 300 figures, charming landscapes, astonishing architectural background, and naive details give a complete idea of the revolution in art worked by the technical skill and new naturalism of the famous brothers. The side panels have been detached and are in the museums of Berlin and Brussels.

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