Jean Henri Fabre

[Jean Henri Fabre] Entomologist, born Saint-Leons, Aveyron, France, 1823; died Serignan, Vaucluse, France 1915. He first taught school and then became professor of natural sciences at Ajaccio and Avignon. Numerous text-books were written to supplement his meager salary. The last 35 years of his life were spent at Serignan where he devoted all his time to the study of insects. It was only toward the end of his life that he obtained the recognition he deserved. His fame rests chiefly on his "Souvenirs Entomologiques," which merited for him the name of "The Homer of the Insect World." He was a decided adversary of the theory of evolution, and a firm believer in the realities of the spiritual world. An excellent translation of his works by A. Teixeira de Mattos was published in 12 volumes; they comprise "The Life of the Fly," "The Mason Bees," "The Hunting Wasps," and "Adventures in Insect Life."

New Catholic Dictionary

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