Gabriel Garcia Moreno

[Gabriel Garcia Moreno] Patriot, President of Ecuador, born Guayaquil, Ecuador, 24 December 1821; died Quito, Ecuador, 6 August 1875. Graduated in law at Quito, 1844, he entered political life, and after the fall of Roca, whom he had helped defeat the Flores administration, he was exiled. He brought to Ecuador from Panama, with dictator Noboa's permission, some Jesuits expelled from New Granada, thus earning the eyer lasting enmity of the Liberal party. Advancing a policy defending the welfare of the masses, exploited by politicians, he was again exiled. He returned under general amnesty and was made rector of Quito University, 1856. He fought unsuccessfully for the French educational system, exposed governmental corruption, and organized a provisional government at Quito, as leader of the Church party. Elected president, 1861, he ratified a concordat with Pius IX, infuriating his adversaries. Garcia Moreno supported his successor, but was forced, 1869, to head It provisional Conservative government to frustrate an impending Liberal coup d'etat. When the Holy See was despoiled, 1810, Garcia Moreno, alone of all rulers of the world, protested against the outrageous violations of the Vienna Treaty. After many attempts, he was assassinated near the end of his term of office.

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