diocese of Aliwal, South Africa

Established as the prefecture apostolic of Gariep, Cape Colony, Union of South Africa, 12 June 1923; bounded south by the southern limits of the Richmond, Sterkstroom, Middelberg, Steynsburg, Molteno, Wodehouse, and Barkly East Districts; east by the eastern limits of Barkly East and the western limits of Basutoland; north by the northern limits of Rouxville, Smithfield, and the Reit River; and west by the western boundary of the Hopetown, Britstown, and Richmond Districts; entrusted to the Fathers of the Sacred Heart of Saint Quentin. On 27 January 1936 it was elevated to the Vicariate Apostolic of Aliwal. On 11 January 1951 it was elevated to the diocese of Aliwal. See also:
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