Auguste de Lapparent

[Albert Auguste de Lapparent] Catholic geologist. Geologist, born Bourges, France 1839; died Paris, 1908. In 1875 he was appointed to the chair of geology and mineralogy at the Catholic University of Paris, and in 1880 was elected president of the Geological Society of France. His treatise on geology (1884) laid the foundation of the scientific history of the earth, and his "Cours de Mineralogie" (1885) gained him the presidency of the French Society of Mineralogy. Lapparent's successful lectures at the Catholic University influenced the government to establish a similar chair at the Sorbonne. For his services to science he was elected to the Academy of Sciences in 1897. One of his chief treatises is "Providence Creatrice." One-time President of the Geological Society of France. Did outstanding work in mineralogy, aided in the preparation of a geological map of France and was the author of a classic manual of stratigraphical geology.

New Catholic Dictionary

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