Domenico Bigordi Ghirlandajo

['An Old Man and His Grandson', by Domenico Ghirlandaio] Painter, born Florence, Italy, 1449; died there, 11 January 1494. His name, "the Garlandmaker," was applied first perhaps to his father as a goldsmith, or to himself for his own early work in that art. He studied under Alessio Baldovinetti, and became known as a master of fresco. He went to Rome in 1483 to assist in decorating the Sistine Chapel, his "Call of the Apostles" being still there. His greatest work is the frescoed decoration of the Tornabuoni Chapel in San Maria Novella, Florence, finished in 1490. It consists of eight scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist and twelve from that of the Blessed Virgin. They furnish a marvelous picture of contemporary life and the portraiture is remarkable. Other notable works are "The Adoration of the Magi," in the Hospital of the Innocents, "The Visitation," now in the Louvre, and "the Last Supper," in the refectory of the Ognissanti convent. His portrait of "Giovanni degli Albizzi" is famous, as is his realistic "Old Man and Child" of the Louvre. He is also celebrated as a teacher of Michelangelo.

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