Name of a famous giant of Geth, against whom David fought, and whom he killed. Goliath is described as being "six cubits and a span" (I Kings 17) in height, i.e., over 9 feet at the likeliest reckoning; his armor and weapons were in proportion. In the time of Saul, the Philistines, having attacked the Israelites, encamped in a valley between Socho and Azeca. Each day, for 40 days, this giant came forth from the camp of the Philistines, and by words of contempt, provoked the Israelites to a single combat. David alone dared to accept the challenge; advancing with only staff, sling, and stones, towards Goliath, he struck the giant in the forehead wlth a stone, with such force that the latter fell to the earth. David rushed up, drew the sword of Goliath, and cut off his head. The Philistines fled in rout, and David returned in triumph to Jerusalem. Convinced that the honor of victory belonged to God alone, David saw that the sword of Goliath was placed in sanctuary at Nob, wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod of the high priest (1 Kings 21).

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