John Gower

[John Gower] Poet, born probably Kent, England, c.1327; died Southwark, England, 1408. He was a prolific writer in three languages. His merits have been dimmed through constant comparison with Chaucer. Among his works are his French "Mirour de l'Omme" (Old French: Mirror of Man), about 31,000 lines treating of the vices and virtues, and pardon through Christ and the intercession of Our Lady; "Vox Clamantis," 10,265 Latin elegiac verses, dealing with contemporary social history; and "Confessio Amantis," over 33,400 lines, in English, a discussion between a lover, the poet, and Venus, and subsequently between the poet, and Genius, his confessor, in which the seven deadly sins are discussed and illustrated by tales.

New Catholic Dictionary

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