Prosper Louis Paschal Gueranger

Liturgist, born Sable-sur-Sarthe, France, 1805; died Solesmes, 1875. Ordained, 1827, he labored, 1831-1837, to reestablish the Rule of Saint Benedict at Solesmes, and was appointed Superior general of the Benedictines of France by Pope Gregory, 1837. An ardent servant of the Church, Dom Gueranger tried to establish more filial relations between France and the Holy See. He was a prolific writer, devoting his talents to historical and liturgical subjects and to controversial works, which are, however, of slight interest today. In 1841 he began to publish his most famous work, "Liturgical Year" (Paris, 1841-1901; London, 1923), in which he endeavored to familiarize the faithful with the official prayers of the Church, by introducing fragments of the Eastern and Western liturgies with interpretations and commentaries.

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