Guy Fawkes

[Guy Fawkes] Conspirator, born York, England, 1570; died London, England, 1606. He was educated at York free school where he knew the Wrights and Father Greenway, later also implicated in conspiracy. Of Protestant parents, he became an ardent Catholic, and was solicited as a "confident gentleman," courageous and cool, with a military reputation in Continental wars, by Winter and Catesby, the originator of the Gunpowder Plot, to return to England and actually accomplish it, 1604. Suspicions having been aroused, he was arrested, November 1605, on lonely vigil at the "mine" (a cellar adjoining the House of Parliament where the gunpowder was stored), and though at first courageously defiant, was horribly tortured for nine days into confession. After trial he was executed, January 1606, at the Tower with Thomas Winter, Rokewood, and Keyes.

New Catholic Dictionary

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