Lorenzo Hervas y Panduro

Famous Jesuit philologist, born Horcajo, Spain, 1735; died Rome, Italy, 1809. On the suppression of the Jesuits he returned to Europe from America, where he was a missionary, and wrote in Italian an extensive treatise in several volumes on cosmography, in which he investigates the development and ethnological relationship of the different nations on the basis of language, and also the origin of language.

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Lorenzo Hervas y Panduro

Jesuita philologo famose; nascite a Horcajo, Espania, 1735; mortiva a Rome, Italia, 1809. Durante le suppression de le Jesuitas, el retornava ad Europa ab America, qui el era un missionario, e scribiva in italiano un tractato extensive in several tomos in re cosmographia, in que el investiga le evolution e parentato ethnological de gentes sur le base de lingua, e de le origine de lingua.

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