Pierre Heude

Jesuit zoologist, born Fougeres, France, 1836; died Zi-ka-wei, China, 1902. Going to the Far East mission in 1868, he seized the opportunities offered by his pastoral wanderings to continue his scientific studies. His writings on the land molluscs of China are the standard authority. He was one of the chief contributors to the Jesuit review of oriental natural history, and specialized in the systematic and geographical propagation of east Asiatic mammals, and comparative morphology of classes and groups according to tooth formation and skeleton.

New Catholic Dictionary

Pierre Heude

Zoologisto Jesuita; nascite a Fourgeres, Francia, 1836; mortiva Zi-ka-wei, China, 1902. El irava ad le mission Oriente in 1868. El prediva le opportunitates offerite per su viagiares pastoral a continuar su studios scientific. Su scriptos in re le molluscos terra de China son le autoritate standard. El era uno de le chef collaboratores de le revista Jesuita de historia oriental natural, e specialisava se in le propagation systematic e geographic de mammales Oriente, e morphologia comparative de classes e gruppos per le ossaturas e formation de dentes.

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