Theologian, Archbishop of Rheims; born 806; died Epernay, France, 882. He was educated at the Abbey Saint Denis by Hilduin, whom he accompanied in 822 to the court of Louis the Pious. In 844 he became the trusted counselor of Charles the Bald, was made archbishop, 845, and for 40 years was a decisive factor in the policies of the West-Frankish Empire. Hincmar took a leading part in opposing the predestination theories of Gottschalk. He vigorously defended ecclesiastical rights against secular aggression, but was censured by Pope Nicholas I for his conduct as metropolitan towards Rothard of Soissons. In 858 he procured the appointment of his nephew Hincmar (died 879) to the See of Laon, but the latter's ambitious violent disposition led to such trouble that he incurred his uncle's censure and was deposed in 871.

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