Pope Honorius IV

[Pope Honorius IV] Reigned from 2 April 1285 to 3 April 1287. Born c.1210 in Rome, Italy as Giacomo Savelli; died there on 3 April 1287. Cardinal-deacon, and papal prefect in Tuscany, he did not receive ordination until six weeks after his election. Sicilian affairs demanded his immediate attention. While not renouncing the claims of the Church and the Angevins over Sicily, he did not approve of Charles of Anjou's tyrannical government which resulted in the massacre known as the Sicilian Vespers. In his Constitution in 1285 he laid down ordinances to protect the Sicilians. He supported the French in their struggle against Aragon and refused to allow Charles of Salerno to surrender his Sicilian claims to the Aragonese. In order to prepare missionaries he advocated the teaching of Oriental languages in the University of Paris, and aided the mendicant orders.

New Catholic Dictionary

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