Karl Huysmans

Novelist, born Paris, 1848; died there, 1907. Although he was a civil service employee for 30 years, this did not interfere with his literary career. He was one of the founders of the Goncourt Academy. After 1895 he made open profession of the Catholic faith and became an Oblate in the Benedictine Monastery of Liguge. After the expulsion of the monks, he returned to Paris where he died after cruel sufferings heroically endured. He belongs to the realistic school and his descriptions are of a vividness sometimes bordering upon brutality. His chief works are: "En route," "La Cathedrale," "L'Oblat," "Les Foules de Lourdes," an answer to Zola, and "Sainte Lydwine de Schiedam."

New Catholic Dictionary

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