[seal of the state of Idaho] The 43rd state to be admitted to the United States, 3 July 1891. As a result of a visit to the Creur d' Alene Indians of Idaho by Father Pierre De Smet, S.J., and in response to requests from the Indians themselves, the Sacred Heart Mission was established, 1842, by Father Nicholas Point and Brother Charles Huet. The first chapel, a simple wooden structure put together with wooden pegs, was built about 16 miles from Creur d' Alene Lake by Father Gazzoli and Father Ravalli. In 1863, after the mines had attracted white settlers, the secular priests, Reverend Toussaint Mesplie and Reverend A. Z. Poulin were sent to Idaho by Archbishop Francois Blanchet of Oregon City, and the first churches were built the same year in Idaho City, Placerville, and Centerville. Catholic influence on place-names in the state is shown in the following: Ecclesiastically, the state is governed by the diocese of See also,
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