Pope Innocent II

[coat of arms of Pope Innocent II] Reigned from 14 February 1130 to 23 September 1143. Born at Rome, Italy as Gregorio Papareschi; died there. Before his election he was a cardinal-deacon and with Lambert, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, helped draw up the Concordat of Worms, 1122. His election was opposed by the anti-pope Pietro Pierleone who seized Rome. Innocent went to France where he received the support of Louis VI. His election was ratified at a synod at Würzburg, 1131, and in the same year he crowned King Lothair and Queen Richenza at Liege; opened the synod at Rheims; and crowned Prince Louis of France. He declared, 1134, that Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Greenland should remain under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Hamburg. Emperor Lothair escorted him to Rome, 1138; Pierleone died and was succeeded by the antipope Gregorio Conti who submitted within two months. Innocent summoned the Tenth Æcumenical Council, 1139, to remove the consequences of the schism; and acted as mediator in a controversy between Alfonso of Spain and Alfonso Henrique of Portugal.

New Catholic Dictionary

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