Pope John XV

[Pope John XV] Reigned from late summer 985 to April 996. Born in Rome, Italy; died there. Some papal catalogues give, as the immediate successor of the antipope Boniface VII, a John, son of Robert, who is listed as John XV. Although he never existed, the fact that he has been catalogued has thrown into disorder the numeration of the popes named John, and the true John XV is often called John XVI. John XV (XVI), who before his election was a cardinal-priest, remained throughout his pontificate under the influence of John Crescentius. His mediation in the quarrel between King AEthelred of England and Richard of Normandy resulted in the Peace of Rouen, 991. During his pontificate a serious dispute occurred, 988, over the archiepiscopal See of Rheims, to which its legitimate archbishop, Arnulf, was restored by the pope, 997; and the first solemn canonization of a saint, that of Bishop Ulrich of Augsburg, took place, 993.

New Catholic Dictionary

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