Pope John XXI

[Pope John XXI] [coat of arms of Pope John XXI] Reigned from 1267 to 1277. Born between 1210-1220 at Lisbon, Portugal; died in 1277 in Viterbo, Italy. Known as Petrus Hispanus. His interest in medicine at the University of Paris led to his appointment as professor at the University of Siena, where he wrote his Compendium of Logic, a favorite text-book for almost three hundred years. He was made Archbishop of Braga and cardinal-bishop. As pope he endeavored to ameliorate the wretched ecclesiastical conditions of Portugal. He demanded from Edward I of England the arrears of tribute due to the papacy since 1215. He attempted to form a Crusade with the aid of the Tatars. Brought about the temporary reconciliation of the Eastern and Western Churches in a synod at Constantinople in 1277. He was killed at Viterbo when the roof of his apartment in the papal palace collapsed.

New Catholic Dictionary

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