(Hebrew: Jehovah has given)

Name of several personages in the Old Testament.
  1. A Levite, son of Gersam the son of Moses, who started an idolatrous worship in the house of Michas and then in the tribe of Dan when it migrated northward (Judges 17; 18).
  2. Eldest son of Saul and friend of David, noted for his bravery against the Philistines (1 Kings 13; 14), his loyalty to David, and his glorious death on Mount Gelboe (1 Kings 31; 2 Kings 19).
  3. The youngest son of Mathathias and brother of Judas Machabeus. He took an important part in the Machabean revolt, and was chosen leader after Judas's death. He became master of Judea for several years and was appointed high priest. Treacherously seized by Tryphon, he was murdered at Ptolemais (1 Machabees 12).

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