[Joseph making himself known to his brethren] (Hebrew: may God add)

Patriarch, eleventh son of Jacob, first-born of Rachel, immediate ancestor of the tribes of Manasses and Ephraim. His father's favorite, he was hated by his brothers, who sold him into bondage to the Ismaelites (Genesis 37). Taken into Egypt, he was kindly treated and became the personal attendant of his Egyptian master, Putiphar, eunuch of Pharao (Genesis 39). His skill in interpreting dreams brought him to the notice of Pharao who made him keeper of the royal seal and second in power in Egypt. During the famine predicted by him his brothers came from Chanaan to buy grain in Egypt and failed to recognize him. At Joseph's insistence they returned with Benjamin whereupon Joseph disclosed himself and invited his father and brothers to settle in Gessen (Genesis 47). He died at the age of 110, and his bones were later removed to Sichem in Chanaan (Jos. 24).

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