Kingdom of Juda

[map of Judah] Formed after the death of Solomon c.929 BC, by the one tribe of Juda and a small portion of the tribe of Benjamin. Its area was probably 1400 square miles. The king resided at Jerusalem. Though free from internal dissensions, it was often invaded by hostile neighbors, and was finally conquered by Nabuchodonosor, 588 BC, and annexed to the Babylonian Empire (4 Kings 25). List of kings: Roboam, Abiam, Asa, Josaphat, Joram, Ochozias, Athalia, Joas, Amasias, Azarias, Joatham, Achaz, Ezechias, Manasses, Amon, Josias, Joachaz, Joakim, Joachin, Sedecias.

New Catholic Dictionary

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