General Judgment; Universal Judgment; Last Judgment; Final Judgment

[The Last Judgment; from the Vienna Missal] That Divine judgment following the general Resurrection, wherein all men, good and bad, will be judged according to their works, in such a manner that the justic of the sentence of each will be manifested to all (Matthew 25; 2 Corinthians 5; Athanasian Creed). The General Judgment is clearly and repeatedly foretold in Holy Scripture. That there will be a General Judgment is an article of faith. The judge will be Christ (Matthew 24). It is almost the universal teaching of theologians that every sin and good deed of every human being will be manifested to all. In this way the justice, goodness, and wisdom of God will be manifested and will be recognized by all men. Although this Judgment is distinct from the Particular Judgment, the sentence pronounced at the Particular is in nowise changed at the General Judgment.

New Catholic Dictionary

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