Henri Dominique Lacordaire

[Henri Dominique Lacordaire] Pulpit orator, born Récy-sur-Ource, near Dijon, 1802; died Soreze, France, 1861. Ordained, 1821, he was a collaborator of Lamennais for a while on the newspaper "L'Avenir," but after his master's condemnation he separated from him and returned to Paris where he began his famous conferences at Notre-Dame (1835). In 1840 he joined the Dominican Order, and restored it in France, 1843; the conferences were then resumed and continued until 1852. Elected member of the Chamber of Deputies, 1848, he founded a newspaper, "L'Ere Nouvelle," which had only a brief existence. He soon retired from political life and became superior of the Military School of Soreze, where he died. A member of the French Academy (1860), his most celebrated work, the "Conferences," met with great success; his biographies of Saint Dominic and Mary Magdalen, although of little historical value, are popular, as are also his "Letters to young men."

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