John La Farge

[John La Farge] Painter and designer of stained giass, born New York, 1835; died Providence, Rhode Island, 1910. He was a pupil of Thomas Couture in Paris after 1856, traveled much in Europe, and on his return in 1859 studied with William Morris Hunt. He excelled in mural painting, but from 1878 to 1886 was chiefly occupied in originating a new process for stained glass, characterized by opalescence and depth of color. For this achievement he was awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honor, 1891. In 1886 he visited Japan, being one of the first to appreciate Japanese art. In 1890-1891 he was in Hawaii, and in 1901 in Samoa. Admirable examples of his work are in Trinity Church, Boston, the Church of the Ascension, the Paulist Church in New York, and in the capitol in Saint Paul. Among the windows he designed are the "Peacock Window" in the Worcester Art Museum, and the "Battle Window" in Memorial Hall, Cambridge.

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