Latvia; Lettonia

Republic of Europe, on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Estonia. Christianity was preached in this region in the 12th century, and in 1200 the Diocese of Livonia of the Latin Rite, was established; its cathedral at Riga was built about 1206, and it became an archdiocese in 1255. The Teutonic Knights conquered and held the entire country, or parts of it, for over three centuries, and assisted the spread of the Faith, although orderly organization and growth were retarded by much fighting and confusion. In 1566, as a result of the adoption of Lutheranism, the archbishopric was suppressed. The country has belonged for considerable periods to Sweden, Poland, and Russia. With the establishment of Latvia as a separate republic in 1918, the Church there has been reorganized separately from that of Russia and placed under the restored Archdiocese of Riga (including also Esthonia) which is dependent directly ,on the Holy See.

Archdioceses, past and present, include Dioceses, past and present, include:
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