Pope Leo XII

[Pope Leo XII] [coat of arms of Pope Leo XII] (Annibale Francesco della Genga) (1823-1829) Born near Spoleto, Italy, 1760; died Rome. He was appointed Titular Archbishop of Tyre, and sent as nuncio to Lucerne, 1792; to Cologne, 1794; to the Diet of Ratisbon, 1805. As pope, he combated the indifferentism and Protestant proselytism of the period, and stimulated the devotion of the Catholic world by the jubilee of 1825. The persecution of the Netherland Catholics was overcome, and the emancipation of the Catholics of the British Isles was secured three months after his death. The Roman College was restored to the charge of the Jesuits, 1824, Freemasonry and other secret societies were condemned, the Vatican printing-press was restored, and the Vatican Library enriched.

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