Michel Le Tellier

Jesuit, born Vast, France, 1643; died La Fleche, 1719. He was one of the founders of the "Journal de Trevoux," and wrote against Jansenism in addition to participating in the discussion on the Chinese Rites. In 1709 he became confessor to Louis XIV. Scientific history is now revising the calumnious portrait of him left by Saint-Simon. Le Tellier was not responsible for the destruction of Port-Royal; nor was he relentlessly opposed to all clerics suspected of Jansenism in advising episcopal nominations; his views on the levying of tithes were legitimate considering the dire necessity of the state; equally exaggerated is Saint-Simon's account of his conduct towards De Noailles, Quesnel, and the Oratorians. Louis XIV's will selected Le Tellier as spiritual director of the youthful Louis XV, but through the influence of Saint-Simon and the Jansenists Le Tellier was requested by the regent to withdraw from Paris.

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