Lima, Peru

Capital of Peru, founded, 1535, by Pizarro, who laid the first stone of the cathedral, now a minor basilica. Lima was made the seat of a diocese in 1543 and was raised to metropolitan rank in 1545, the Dominican Loaysa being the first bishop and archbishop. The University of San Marcos, the first in America, was founded, 1551. The Jesuits arrived at Lima in 1567, founded schools and colleges, and introduced the printing press, from which a catechism, the first book printed in the New World, was issued. The church of Santo Domingo, built by Pizarro, contains a relic of the True Cross and in the Convent of Santa Rosa is preserved the body of Saint Rose, Lima's patron saint. A great cross which is now illuminated nightly was recently unveiled on the top of Saint Cristobal in a truly Catholic ceremony at which the President of Peru presided. Two precious crosses, one formerly belonging to Saint Rose and the other brought from Spain by Pizarro were displayed. See also,
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