John Lingard

[John Lingard] Historian, born Winchester, England, 1771; died Hornby, 1851. Entering Douai in 1782, he returned to England during the French Revolution and was ordained at York, 1795, after his appointment as vice-president and professor at Crook Hall seminary (transferred to Ushaw, 1808), where he wrote his "Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church." In 1811 he retired to the mission of Hornby, and after issuing various controversial tracts and devoting many years to research, he composed his eight-volume "History of England to the Accession of William and Mary" (1819-1830; eighth edition, 11 volumes, New York, 1915, supplementary vol. by H. Belloc). Lingard successfully negotiated the reopening of the English College, Rome, and as the trusted adviser of the episcopate played a very important part in the 19th-century revival of Catholicity in England. The historical work of the Lingard Society of London honors his memory.

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