Fra Filippo Lippi

[Saint John the Evangelist restoring Drusiana to Life, by Filippo Lippi] Painter, born Florence, 1406; died Spoleto, 1469. Educated as an orphan in the Carmelite convent near Florence, he joined the order at 16. His later life showed his lack of vocation and 1458, Pius II released him from his vows. He was one of the first to humanize religious art. One of his earliest paintings was the "Madonna" of the Uffizi, painted c.1435, for Cosimo de' Medici. The "Coronation of the Virgin," into which he introduced his own portrait, 1441, is now in the Florence Academy. Two of his first works are "The Vision of Saint Bernard" (National Gallery, London) and "The Death of Saint Stephen" in the cathedral of Prato. The "Annunciation" in the National Gallery shows the influence of Fra Angelico. His son, Filippino (1458-1575), extraordinary gifted, was taught by Botticelli. His masterpiece is "The Vision of Saint Bernard" (Badia, Florence).

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