Liturgical Apostolate

This term may designate the whole movement which, at the present time, brings the Christians back to the liturgy, viz., to the participation in the official common worship of the Church, or it may mean the Apostolate which the Church practises on souls through the means of her liturgy. It has also become a proper name, e.g., in Austria where one hears of the Volks-liturgisches Apostolat conducted from Klosternenburg near Vienna by the Augustinian Father Pius Parsch. The word is, however, principally connected with the part taken in the liturgical movement by the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Andrew near Bruges, Belgium. There, P. Gaspar Lefebvre founded in 1919 the "Bulletin Paroissial Liturgique" and published in 1920 the first of a series of missals for the laity: "Missel Quotidien et Vesperal" (English edition, 1924, "Daily Missal"). The latest of the series (1928) is the "Missel Quotidien pour Enfants" (English edition, 1929, "The Child's Daily Missal"). The Liturgical Apostolate has also published material for the intuitive teaching of the liturgy, e.g., pictures, lantern slides, stationery, charts with movable pictures representing the ceremonies of low Mass and of Baptism, etc.

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