Logia Jesu

The sacred or Divine words or discourses of Christ in the Gospel. Papias speaks of the logia of the Lord which were presented in good order by Saint Matthew, whereas Saint Mark does not give them so completely. Some have read in the expression of Papias an original or a source anterior to our First Gospel and made up exclusively of logia or discourses, but it would be difficult to substantiate this claim, from which important conclusions are derived as to the composition of the Gospels. More likely Papias, by the word logia means the Gospel (discourses and facts of Christ's life). In 1891 some logia or sayings of Our Lord were discovered at Behnesa, the ancient Oxyrynchus, near the Libyan desert, 120 miles south of Cairo; there were eight in all, 42 lines of 15 to 20 letters each. Some authorities agree with the suggestion of Batiffol, that these might be an extract deliberately made from an apocryphal Gospel, such as the Gospel to the Hebrews.

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