Gospel of Saint Luke

The third book of the New Testament, whose author is Saint Luke, a disciple and companion of Saint Paul. The Gospel was written before the year 63, at which time Saint Luke wrote his second work, Acts of the Apostles. After making diligent inquiries of those who had seen and conversed with the Lord, he set down the life and teachings of Jesus as the sure foundation for the truth of Christianity (Luke 1:1-4). He narrates how Jesus, by His Life and teaching and by the ministry of the Apostles, brought salvation to the whole world. Among the characteristics of this Gospel are: the portrayal of Our Lord's mercy towards sinners; the prominence given the Mother of Jesus and other pious women; the clear and vivid delineations of characters; the frequent and beautiful parables of Jesus. The Gospel contains 24 chapters and maybe divided into: The Biblical Commission, 26 June 1912, declared that the harmonious tradition from the earliest ages, the testimony of ancient writers, the use of the Gospel by the early Church, constitute certain proof that Saint Luke wrote the entire Gospel as contained in our Bibles before the year 70, and that it is a true historical document. Chapters specially commendable for reading are:
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