[map of Luxembourg] Constitutional grand duchy of Europe, located between France, Belgium, and Germany; area, 999 square miles. Christianity was established here very early; in 316, Trier was the seat of a diocese, extending far into Lorraine, and an important center from which the faith was preached through this part of Europe. With the many political changes, during which the region came under control successively of various neighboring powers, the Church was organized under various sees, especially Liege, Metz, Rheims, Verdun, Cologne, and Namur. In 1833 a separate Vicariate Apostolic of Luxembourg was founded. The grand duchy was proclaimed a neutral state, politically independent, in 1867, and in 1870 the vicariate was made into a diocese, which was officially recognized, 1873, dependent directly on the Holy See, with the same boundaries as the state. Of the 47 members elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1925, the Catholic party is represented by 22. The diocese of Luxembourg was founded on 27 September 1870. It was elevated to the archdiocese of Luxembourg on 23 April 1988. See also:
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