Justin McCarthy

Politician and writer, born Cork, Ireland, 1830; died Folkestone, England, 1912. At eighteen he joined the literary staff of the Cork "Examiner" and continued his career as journalist in Lwerpool, London, where he was editor of the "Morning Star" (1864-1868), and in New York where he became assistant editor of the New York "Independent." He was a regular contributor to a number of the foremost periodicals, a member of the British Parliament (1879-1896), a member of the Irish Land League, and chairman of the National Land and Labor League of Great Britain. Though an ardent supporter of Catholic rights, when he succeeded Parnell as chairman of the Irish Parliamentary Party (1890-1896) he earned the respect of all parties by his courtesy and moderation. Despite his active political career his greatest interest was in writing; his works include a number of novels, a collection of essays, biographies of Peel, Leo XIII, and Gladstone, "History of Our Own Times," "Reminiscences of an Irishman," "History of the Four Georges," and numerous others.

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