John MacHale

Archbishop of Tuam, born Tubbernavine, Ireland, 1791; died Tuam, Ireland, 1881. He studied at Maynooth where he later taught theology, was named coadjutor Bishop of Killala, 1825, and was transferred to Tuam, 1834. His life is the history of the struggles of the Irish Catholics in the 19th century. He labored and wrote incessantly to secure Catholic Emancipation, legislative independence, justice for tenants and the poor, and vigorously assailed the proselytizers and the anti-Catholic anti-national system of public education. He preached regularly to his flock in Irish. At the Vatican Council he held the definition of papal infallibility to be inopportune. Among his writings are a treatise on the evidences of Catholicity and translations in Irish of Moore's "Melodies," and part of the Bible and the Iliad.

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