archdiocese of Singapore

Erected on 4 February 1558 as the diocese of Malacca; George of Saint Lucia, O.P., was first bishop. Changed to the Vicariate Apostolic of Malacca-Singapore on 10 September 1841. Elevated to the diocese of Malacca, Straits Settlement on 10 August 1888 as a suffragan of Pondicherry; entrusted to the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris, and diocesan clergy. The Dominican Father Bermudez and Saint Francis Xavier were missionaries of the region. Elevated to the archdiocese of Mallaca on 19 September 1953. Name changed to the archdiocese of Malacca-Singapore on 25 February 1955. Territory split and the name changed to the archdiocese of Singapore on 18 December 1972. See also:
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