Manila Observatory

The official "Philippine Weather Bureau" with a main station at Manila and numerous climatological sub-stations throughout the Philippines, including one at Mount Mirador about 5,000 feet above sea-level. It was founded, 1865, by Father Frederic Faura, S.J., meteorologist, who made the first prediction of the existence, duration, and course of a typhoon in the Far East, and whose subsequent contributions to the knowledge of them were invaluable in averting typhoon disasters. The meteorological service of the Philippines was reorganized by Father Jose Algue, S.J., inventor of the barocyclonometer in 1901. Observations are made every hour at Manila and Bagnio; telegraphic weather reports are received at stated intervals from the various sub-stations, and twice a day from stations in Japan, China, Formosa, and Indo-China; and warnings of typhoons are issued to and from it. The work is carried on under the Jesuits, assisted by natives.

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