Matthias Corvinus

[Matthias Corvinus] King of Hungary, son of János Hunyady, born Kolozsvar, 1440; died at Vienna, 1490. After an eventful youth he was proclaimed King of Hungary in 1458 and at once had to contend with Frederick III, who had assumed the title. Matthias was crowned in 1463. He was soon called upon by the pope to take up arms against his father-in-law, George Podiebrad, the deposed king of Bohemia, but was defeated in 1471. Hostilities again broke out with Frederick III and Matthias, who had besieged Vienna in 1411, captured it in 1485. His crusade against the Turks was fruitless. His relations with the Church were good until 1471, but the threatened rupture with the Holy See was happily averted. He introduced the humanities into Hungary, established the Corvinian Library at Buda, reformed taxation, and earned the title of "The Just" for his enactments in judicial affairs.

New Catholic Dictionary

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