Jean Siffrein Maury

[Jean Siffrein Maury] Cardinal and statesman, born Valreas near Avignon, France, 1746; died Rome, Italy, 1817. His eloquence secured his appointment as royal preacher. In 1789 he was deputy to the States-General for the clergy of Peronne where he became the acknowledged leader of the Court and Church party. When he was obliged to leave France, Pius VI invited him to reside in Rome and made him cardinal and Archbishop of Montefiascone. He withdrew his adherence from Louis XVIII to support Napoleon, with whom he sided in the question of the divorce, and it was he who suggested a means of dispensing with the papal institution of bishops. He was suspended by the pope and during the Hundred Days was confined in the Castle of Sant' Angelo, but Consalvi secured his release and brought about a reconciliation with the pope, which he did not long survive.

New Catholic Dictionary

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