Maximilian I, the Great

[Maximilian I, the Great] Duke of Bavaria, Elector of Bavaria, and Steward of the Holy Roman Empire, born Munich, Germany, 1573; died Ingolstadt, Germany, 1651; son of William V, the Pious, of Bavaria, and Renate of Lorraine. Maximilian gave much attention to the advancement of religion among the people. He re-established the Catholic Church and made Catholicity the only religion in Bavaria; he organized the Catholic League, 1609, founded five Jesuit colleges, a monastery for the Minims, one for the Carmelites, nine for the Franciscans, and fourteen for the Capuchins. Besides this Maximilian was especially attentive to military matters; he was sincerely religious and rigidly moral in conduct, and not only put down every movement in opposition to the Church in his own country but also exterminated Calvinism and Lutheranism in the territories he had acquired.

New Catholic Dictionary

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