Philipp Melanchthon

[Philipp Melanchthon] Collaborator and friend of Martin Luther, born Bretten, Baden, 16 February 1497; died Wittenberg, Germany, 19 April 1560. Educated at Heidelbocg, he went to Tübingen, where he became a pupil and later received a lectureship. Appointed professor of Greek at Wittenberg, 1518, he soon became acquainted with Luther, who persuaded him to take up theological lectures. Melanchthon composed the first treatise on "evangelical" doctrine. In 1530 he defended the cause of Protestantism in the Augsburg Confession, which won the unanimous approval of the Evangelical party. He rejected the Augsburg Interim, 1548, and participated in the religious discussion at Worms, 1557, between Catholic and Protestant theologians. The embodiment of intellectual culture, Melanchthon helped to found higher education in Protestant Germany.

New Catholic Dictionary

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