Jacques Paul Migne

[Jacques Paul Migne] Priest and publisher of theological works. Born Saint-Fleur, France, 25 October 1800; died Paris, France, 25 October 1875. Educated in Orleans, he was ordained priest, 1824, and appointed pastor of Puiseaux. He published a pamphlet "De la Liberte" which brought him into conflict with his bishop, in consequence of which he resigned, went to Paris, and founded "L'Univers Religieux," later "L'Univers," a journal treating Catholic interests alone. Later he erected a printing-house in the suburb Petit-Montrouge where he published reference works on Scripture, theology, history, apologetics, sacred oratory, philosophy, science, monasticism, canon law, liturgy, and most important of all, collections of the Greek and Latin Fathers. Up to 1865 Migne was proprietor of the journal "La Verite." His printing-house was destroyed by fire 1870; the Franco-German War inflicted great losses. Unfortunately he fell under censure for the misuse of Mass stipends as a means of purchasing his books, and he died without regaining his original prosperity.

New Catholic Dictionary

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