Missionaries of the Company of Mary

Order founded by Blessed Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, in 1705. It is composed of priests and lay-brothers, who strive to draw the faithful to Jesus Christ through devotion to the Blessed Virgin. From 1718 to 1781 the Montfortists, although few in number, gave over 430 missions. Debilitated by the Revolution, the community was reorganized by Father Deshayes, elected general in 1821. He received from Pope Leo XII a brief commending the company, and Father Dalin (1837-1855) obtained canonical approbation. Several establishments were made in France. Under Father Denis (1855-1877) the community acquired a seminary in the Diocese of Nantes, to prepare priests for Haiti. In 1880 a novitiate and a scholasticate were established in the Netherlands, and in 1883 a school was begun at Schimmert. The order arrived in Canada in 1883; two residences were founded in the Diocese of Brooklyn, one in 1903 and one in 1904; the Vicariate Apostolic of San Martino, Colombia, erected in 1903, was entrusted to the Montfortists; the Constitutions were approved in 1904; the congregation was divided into provinces; the Diocese of Port de Paix (Haiti) was taken over, and the French mission school was transferred to Romsey, England. See also,
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