Johann Adam Möhler

Theologian, born Igersheim, Germany, 1796; died Munich, Germany, 1838. Educated at Mergentheim, Ellwangen and Tübingen, he was ordained, 1819, and joined the theological faculty of Tübingen. Author of numerous works on Catholic theology, his fame rests chiefly upon his "Symbolik" (Mainz, 1832), through which he introduced the science of symbolism among Catholics, symbol being equivalent to creed. In it he proved the compatibility between reason and Catholic dogma, showing how Catholic teaching takes the middle course between the extremes of Protestantism. Though not controversial, several Protestant theologians issued replies and the unpleasantness of the controversy with Baur which resulted induced Mohler to leave Tübingen and join the Catholic theological faculty of Munich. In 1838 he was made dean of the cathedral of Würzburg; Dollinger edited most of his minor works.

New Catholic Dictionary

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