Luis de Molina

[Luis de Molina] Theologian, born Cuenea, Spain, 1535; died Madrid, Spain, 12 October 1600. He entered the Society of Jesus at Alcala. Installed as professor of philosophy at Coimbra, and later promoted to the chair of theology at Evora, Father Molina expounded for 20 years the "Summa" of Saint Thomas. In 1592 he was called to Madrid to the Jesuit school of the science of moral philosophy. To him we are indebted for important contributions in speculative, dogmatic, and moral theology, as well as in jurisprudence. Molina's chief work is the "Concordia," concerned with the problem of reconciling grace and free will. A theory for this reconciliation, Molinism, is named after him.

New Catholic Dictionary

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