Louis Joseph Gozon, Marquis de Montcalm

[Louis Joseph Gozon, Marquis de Montcalm] French general; born Candiac, France, 1712; died Quebec, Canada, 1759. Of warlike ancestry, he was a soldier at 15, but continued his excellent classical education by reading. After a successful series of campaigns on the Continent, he succeeded Dieskau in command of the French army in Canada, 1755. Against the odds of discordant relations with Governor Vaudreuil, Bigot's dishonesty, apathy of the French court, impoverished condition of the colony and army, and disproportionate resources of the enemy, Montcalm was heroically faithful to duty. After his victory at Carillon (Ticonderoga), 1758, he raised a cross inscribed in thanksgiving to the God of Hosts. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham when both Montcalm and Wolfe met death, is considered by its results as having saved Canada from the French Revolution. Montcalm was a brave and noble commander, who always gave to God the glory of his victories.

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